TEX Cam Roller Guides

TEX26 Assemblies
TEX26 and TEX40 Cross Sectional Dimensions

TEX cam roller guides (TEX26 & TEX40 Series) are the most economical stainless steel linear guides.   The linear rails are made of stainless steel that is roll formed to a "C" shape geometry.  

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TEX26 and TEX40 Series Cam Roller Linear Guides

  • Stainless Steel Rails, Matte Silver Color Finish
  • Rail Lengths up to 4000 mm (157 inches)
  • Three or Five Roller Moving Slider Assemblies (aka carriages)
  • One or Multiple Slider Assemblies can be mounted to a rail
TEX Cam Roller Guides

Below is a list of the slider assemblies.

Below is a listing of the stainless steel linear rail available for each slider assembly.  It is important to note that the slider assemblies only fit with the same series size rail.

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