Telescopic Linear Guides

Below is our complete array of telescopic linear guide product end view cross sectional geometry.   Two basic types are available, one with a ball type rolling element at its core and the other with a cam type roller bearing as the core element carrying the load.   Most of these product are designed to be used in pairs, one on each side of the moving drawer or structure.     You can click on any of the pictured products below for more information.

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Ball Based Type Products

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Below is a selection of SR, SRE, TLS, and TSQ Series telescopic linear guide products.  

SR28 Series

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SR28 End View

SR43 Series

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SR43 End View

TLS28 Series

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TLS28 End View

TLS43 Series

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TLS43 End View

TSQ28 Series

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TSQ28 End View

TSQ43 Series

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TSQ43 End View

Roller Based Type Products

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Below is a selection of TLR, TLQ, and TLN Series telescopic linear guide products.

TLR28 Series

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TLR28 End View

TLR43 Series

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TLR43 End View

TLQ28 Series

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TLQ28 End View

TLQ43 Series

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TLQ43 End View

TLN30 Series

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TLN30 End View

TLN40 Series

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TLN40 End View

TQN30 Series

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TQN30 End View

TQN40 Series

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TQN40 End View

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