SRT Ball Screws

SRT Ball Screws and SSRT Series are precision rolled and incorporate an integrated drive-end journal.   These are the choice when high linear accuracy (i.e., grades C7 or C10) and/or smooth movement is required.   A rolling process is used to create the ball screw thread.  An unfinished large diameter shaft journal is friction welded to the screw.   This is provided so you can finish machine the journal to your specifications.   The screw is matched with a high quality ball nut to create the final assembly.  The products in the table are typically readily available.

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Integrated Drive End Rolled Ball Screw

  • Screw diameters:  4.0 to 12.0 mm with leads from 1.0 to 12 mm
  • Screw material:  high alloy steel (SRT) or stainless steel (SSRT)
  • Ball Nuts:   Flanged (most popular), cylindrical types optional
  • Accuracy Grades:  C7, C10
  • Integrated Drive Side Journal Ready for Machining
SRT Ball Screws

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