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Slewing Drive

Slewing drive bearings are usually found in application such as: wind turbines, heavy load transporters, solar trackers, harbor cranes, hydraulic equipment, crane steering mechanisms, automation systems, heavy load manipulators, yaw and pitch control tables.

Bolt, Connect, Run ... Done!

  • Ball Bearing based design to handle simultaneously occuring radial, axial, and moment loads
  • Hydraulic Motor Ready (Can also be equipped with electric motor/gearbox)

Complete Toothed Worm Gear

Slew Drive Bearing
Slew Drive Bearing Cut-Away
Slew Drive Bearing

Customation for high volume OEM applications

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WD-LA Series Slew Drives

  • Worm Gear Drive System
  • Designed for Outer Ring Rotation
  • Totally Enclosed Ball Bearing
  • Ready for Hydraulic Motor Mounting
WD-LA 0223 Slewing Drive
WD-LA 0223 Slewing Drive
Standard Offering without Motor

Below is a listing of our standard slew drive offerings.

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