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Miniature Ball Screws

Miniature Ball Screws are a very efficient (90-98%) way to translate rotary motion into linear motion versus lead screws that are typically less than 50% efficient.   These high efficiency miniature metric precision ball screws are a very cost-effective solution for use in small or compact spaces.   Ideal application are in medical devices, laboratory automation, and semiconduction equipment.  We offer many types of Miniature Ball Screw Assemblies.  To help you with your selection, below is a gallery of images along with a few points (i.e., features) for each type.

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Precision Ground
Ball Screws

SG Series Miniature Ball Screws

SG Series --- Quick Delivery

  • With Finished Drive End Journals
  • Accuracy C3 & C5
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Precision Rolled
Ball Screws

SR Series Miniature Ball Screws

SR Series --- Quick Delivery

  • With Unfinished Ends
  • Accuracy C7 & C10
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Rolled w/Integrated
End Journal

SRT Series Miniature Ball Screws

SRT Series --- Quick Delivery

  • With Integrated Drive End Journals
  • Accuracy C7 & C10
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Precision Rolled
Special C5 Accuracy

PSRT Series Miniature Ball Screws

PSRT Series

  • With Finished Drive End Journals
  • Accuracy Grade C5
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Stainless Steel Rolled
Ball Screws

SSR Series Miniature Ball Screws

SSR Series

  • With Unfinished End Journals
  • Accuracy C7 & C10
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Cylindrical (Sleeve Type)
Nut Ball Screws

BS BSR Series Miniature Ball Screws

BS & BSR Series

  • For Custom Applications
  • Compact Space Requirement
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Cylindrical Nut
with Thread

MS MSR Series Miniature Ball Screws

MS & MSR Series

  • Threaded Nut Body
  • For Ease of Assembly
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Sub Miniature
Ball Screws

FBS Series Miniature Ball Screws

FBS Series

  • World's Smallest Screws
  • For Very Small Devices
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Double Nut
Ball Screws

FSBS SWBS Series Miniature Ball Screws

FSBS & SWBS Series

  • For Smooth and Quiet Operation
  • Less Friction than others
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Motorized Ball Screw

MoBo Series Miniature Ball Screws

MoBo Series

  • Stepper Motor Powered
  • Integrated Assembly
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Ball Screws

SD Series Miniature Ball Screws

SD Series --- Quick Delivery

  • Screw w/ Left/Right Thread
  • Nut Movement Opposite Directions
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Screw Options
and Treatments

Black Chrome Miniature Ball Screws

Black Chrome-Corrosion Resistant

  • MSG Grease Types
  • Accuracy Grades
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Compact Ball Screw End Support Units (High Accuracy Grade)

Pillow Block Ball Screw Support Bearings
Flanged Ball Screw Support Bearings

MSU-G and MSU-GS support units (photo) for miniature ball screw assemblies are now available. These are the preferred support bearing units to be used with our precision ball screw products.

  • MSU-G for fixed side support
  • MSU-GS for float side support

This product is very lightweight, more than 50% less than conventional support units.

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Additional Ball Screw Accessories

To complete your assembly we offer conventional fully housed support bearings and duplex pair angular contact bearing sets. Fixed and Floating End Support Bearing Assemblies

Some accessories can be made of Stainless Steel or plated with TDC processed for Corrosion Resistance.

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