Machined Springs and High Gain Shaft Couplings


Machined Springs, or Flexure Springs, are precision designed machined components that have spring characteristics.    The ability to machine attachment features into the elastic element not only saves on number of components but also provides solutions not easily achievable by wire wound springs, especially in torsion applications.   With the rectangular coil design and eliminating the need for additional assembly components you can ensure more accurate linear spring rates.

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Machined (Flexure) Springs

  • Custom Designed for OEM Applications
  • Attachment Features Machined into Elastic Element
  • Integration of Flanges or other Geometric Shapes
  • Precision Spring Rate within Motion Range
  • Light Weight vs Conventional Springs


  • This is a multi-functional part made of various materials with slits and the portion between the slits works as a spring.
  • Simple structure made of various materials with slits
  • This enables arbitrary spring properties against compression, tension, shearing, and bending.
  • It has extremely high rigidity against torsion
  • Exact spring constant can be obtained for use in instruments where precision and reliability are required.
  • The shape and dimensions are flexible. Polygonal shape as well as cylinder can be manufactured.
  • The shape of hub (end portion for mounting) can also be manufactured according to individual needs.
  • Materials such as beryllium copper, spring steel, engineered plastic as well as aluminum alloy and stainless steel can be specified.
Machined Springs

Typically used in these applications:

  • OEM Medical Devices
  • OEM Space Systems
  • OEM Machine Tools
  • OEM Laboratory Equipment
  • OEM Metrology Equipment

Integration of parts

Screw, washer, and/or flange can be integrated into one unit to reduce the part cost and assembly manhours. See examples below.

Female screw integrated
Machined Springs
Male screw integrated
Machined Springs
Flange integrated
Machined Springs

Linear Properties

Typical Instrumentation. See examples below.

Transistion from Free to Compressed State

Machined Springs
Deflection Plot
Machined Springs

Custom Linear Properties

Made to approximate quadratic curve

Spring with Irregular Pitch Slits

Machined Springs
Deflection Plot
Machined Springs

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