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Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator has a wide array of applications across many markets.  We specialize in very compact and high precision linear actuators.   Our standard offerings are available with carriage travel ranging from 25 mm (1 inch) to 300 mm (12 inches).  Our actuators can be mated with most servo or stepper motor products.   Our MiniBot linear actuator is equipped with a stepper motor as a standard offering.  Many of these products are use in life science equipment, lab automation systems, and semi-conductor manufacturing systems.  

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MiniBot Linear Actuator with Smart Drive Stepper Motor

Linear Actuator

Designed for Compact Spaces and Low Cost

All hardware is seamlessly integrated into the assembly, making it very compact in size.  Our standard catalog stepper motor unit is Plug and Play Ready.  Developed for applications where low cost is important.  Frequently used as a starting point in developing new automation equipment.

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Ultra Small Designed for Light Load

Slide type guideway is used to support moving carriage to achieve ultra small size.  Designed to fit within a 30 mm high x 25 mm wide space.  Standard offering without motor.   Base structure made of an alumimum extruded material.  Developed for applications where space is really limited and load is very light (less than 20 N or 5 lbs maximum)

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Ultra Small FLEX Linear Actuator without Motor

Flex Actuators

Customization Capabilities

Units are designed to easily connect together to form multi-axis systems.  We offer customization for special needs such as cable management.   This is especially important for multi-axis systems  Also sensors and motors can be swapped out to accommondate your specific requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Life Science Equipment
  • Microarray Spotters
  • Genotyping DNA Machines
  • Liquid Handling Instruments
  • Lab Automation Robots
  • Lab Automation Robots

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