Flat Mount Bearings

Flat Mount Bearings are extremely high precision four point contact rotary bearings design for quick mounting via threaded holes in both the inner and outer rings   These bearings can replace back-to-back or face-toface mounted angular contact bearing pairs.  No need to machine a housing to capture bearing.  They are often used in rotary stage applications where you wish to move an object in a very precise circular or oscillating motion.  These instrument quality bearings can be found in metrology or medical scanning devices where micro level precision is required.

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Flat Mount Bearings (Metric Sizes Only)

  • Ultra Low Profile:  8.5 mm Height
  • Designed for Low Axial and Radial Runout
  • Inner and Outer Rings with Drilled & Tapped Holes for ease of attachment
  • Bore sizes range from 40 mm to 100 mm
  • Polymer Ball Retainer for Smooth Quiet Motion
  • Special Designs available for OEM applications
Flat Mount Bearing (FMB)



3D CAD Models

2D Drawings

FMB Cross Section showing Offset

Inner and Outer Rings are Offset by 0.5 mm

No shimming is required when mounting on flat surface.

FMB Runout Fixture

To meet the axial runout, concentricity, and wobble specificiation production is done in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Ring Grinding is precisely controlled and ball sets are matched to the rings.

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