Custom Ball Screws

Custom ball screws are often used for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) applications.  On the basis of these becoming repeat or high lot quantity orders we will consider performing a design and development effort.  All products listed on this page are classified as non-standard or not off-the-shelf offerings.  What this typically means to you is: 1)  lead-time for a prototype will be longer than a catalog standard product, 2)  an assembly drawing will need to be made and approved prior to quoting.

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Custom Ball Nuts that can be made into Ball Screw Assemblies

  • FBS Series- Cylindrical nut used with 1.8 and 3 mm diameter screws
  • BS & BSR Series- Cylindrical nut for compact space requirements
  • MS & MSR Series - Cylindrical nut with threaded end for attachment
  • FSBS & SWBS Series - Double Cylindrical nut for smooth operation

Example End Journals

Typical Ball Screw End Journal Examples

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