Curved Rail Linear Guides  (CR40 Series)

New Product Offering!

For applications where you need to not just move in a straight line, we offer our curved rail linear guide products.

The rails are machined from carbon steel, heat treated via Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC).  This heat treatment imparts high surface hardness for improved wear resistance.   FNC treatment also improves corrosion resistance through the formation of a continuous compound layer on the rail surface.  Final surface appearance is a satin black color.

Available now are straight, 90 degree turn, and 180 degree turn sections as standard off-the-shelf items for those who wish to build their own systems.  

CR40 Series Carriages are designed with three cam roller wheels for smooth movement.

For OEM applications we will make "custom" rail sections.

CR40 Series Family

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CR40 Series Rails

  • FNC Nitride Hardened Steel Rails
  • Satin Finish, Black Color
  • Straight Rail Lengths up to 1220 mm (48 inches)
  • 90 Degree Turn Sectons
  • 180 Degree Turn Section
CR40 Series Product Family
Black Color Finished Product
CR40 Series Product Family


Below is a list of available Carriage Assemblies.  Square shaped top plate is made of unhardened steel to allow for additional machining if required on the customer end.

Below is a listing of the straight and curved linear rail sections available for each slider assembly.  

To visit our Linear Positioning Systems website to see our "custom" capabilities.