Cross Roller Bearing


Crossed Roller Bearing "SETS" provide all the components necessary for one axis of motion.  These non recirculating type linear bearings are known for their very smooth, high load carrying capacity, and precise motion. They are made to industry standard crossed roller geometry specifications and are dimensionally interchangeable with most other popular crossed roller products.

The ACC version is ideal for vertical orientation so the roller/retainer assembly won't creep to one side of the assembly and eventually inhibit full motion.

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Crossed Roller Bearings

  • RSDE-ACC utilized Anti Cage Creep (ACC) Technoogy
  • RSD are the most common or standard series
  • RSDE are high capacity series
  • SP (or Q8) - Standard Precision Grade
  • HP (or Q4) - High Precision Grade
  • ...
Cross Roller Bearing Set



3D CAD Models

RSD Drawing
RSDE-ACC Drawing

SETS Consist of:


- 4 rails
- 2 roller/cage assemblies
- 8 end screws


- 4 rails
- 2 roller/cage assemblies

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