Coupling Products

Shaft Coupling Products

Below is information concerning our most popular shaft coupling, the Reliance Precision "Reli-A-Flex" product.  It is frequently used for servo and stepper motion control applications.

RCSA & RCLA Series (Reli-A-Flex)

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Shaft Couplings

Shaft coupling (Reli-A-Flex) are used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting motion.   These differ from power transmission couplings in that they are specifically designed for motion control applications where very smooth motion along with high torsional stiffness is required.   Many hours of testing and analysis resulted in a design that provides the best balance between zero backlash, torsional stiffness and low bearing load.   This product handles angular, parallel, and axial offset better than most competing products.  We have the World's Smallest Standard Production Coupling in our product range.

Flexus Machined Springs

Below is information on our Machined Spring type products developed by NBK. These are the especially good where you need a multi-functional product in a single piece of material.   It can be used in many spring load cases such as compression, extension, torsion, laterial bending or laterial translation.  

Flexus - Machined Springs

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Machined Springs

Machined Springs, or Flexure Springs, are precision designed machined components that have spring characteristics.    The ability to machine attachment features into the elastic element not only saves on number of components but also provides solutions not easily achievable by wire wound springs, especially in torsion applications.   With the rectangular coil design and eliminating the need for additional assembly components you can ensure more accurate linear spring rates.

  • Can help with mulitple spring load cases
  • Integrated with multiple features
  • Superior elastic performance in a wide variety of applications