Cam Rolller Linear Guide Mounting Examples

Example #1 --- Using MR28 OR MR43 series products

Below is an end view of a system that uses a pair of MR rails mounted on facing walls or structure allowing the center platform to move freely inward and outward in the picture.

MR Rail Slider Assembly

Image below is showing a view from the top of the system with the guides in a retracted state.

Hover over the image to see the system in an extended state.

In the image you will notice that the system is using slider units consisting of three rollers. For applications with higher load requirements we use five roller units. In some cases a custom slider unit is required. These slider units can operate at high speeds, up to 10m/s without much audible noise compared to recirculating type ball slider products.

When two rails are used in parallel, it is necessary that the structure surfaces on which the rails are fixed, remain within an acceptable range of parallelism error to allow for smooth operation. The MR rails combined with sliders of type RA, RP, or RF can compensate for larger mounting errors due to the rollers contact geometry as shown below: