Ballscrews have various types available in the market.  We specialize in miniature ball screw products with outside diameters equal to or under 16 mm.   Below is a description of the different types we offer.  You can click on any image to go directly to our miniature ball screw offerings.

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Our Ball Screw Construction and Features

Return Plate Design

Ballscrews Return Plate

Uses coil-type deflectors incorporated inside the Nut to pick-up the steel Balls and circulate them via the Return-plate channel.

Internal Deflector Design

Ballscrews Internal Deflector Details

Balls bear the load while rolling along the screw groove between the Shaft adn the Nut.  Balls are continuously circulated via an internal-deflector channel.

End Cap Design

Ball Screw End Cap Details

The balls are returned via holes in the nut channel in the recirculating sections of the end-caps on either end of the Nut.

End Deflector Design

Ball Screw End Deflector Details

Balls are circulated from end-deflector incorporated inside the Nut or outside the Nut through the hole in the Nut and channels int he recirculating sections.

Return Tube Design

Ball Screw Return Tube Details

Balls rolling between the Nut and the Shaft are picked-up from the screw groove by the end of the Return-tube built into the Nut.  They flow back through the Return-tube to the screw groove.

Screw Thread Design

Ball Screw Thread Profile Details

Ball screws typically have either a circular arc profile formed by a single arc, or a gothic arc profile formed by two arcs.  KSS Ball Screws are designed with a gothic arc profile.

Ball Screw Efficiency

Our steel ball screw assemblies are about 90% efficient, greatly reducing the required torque to less than one-third that of required for similar size and lead of conventional lead-screws.

Ball Screw Efficiency

Lead Accuracy of Ball Screws

Ball Screw Travel Deviation Details

Ball screw lead accuracy conforming to JIS B1192 is specified by the tolerance on specified travel over the Nut effective travel amount, or screw shaft useful travel.

Ball Screw Travel Deviation Details

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