ASN (replaces SR) Telescopic Linear Guides

ASN Telescopic Linear Guides are semi-telescopic rail assemblies where the stroke is approximately 50% of the overall assembly retracted length.   The ASN Series is constructed with cold drawn steel rails that are hardened to provide long life even in equipment with highly repetitive motion.

This compact and simple design allows for very high load capacities.  

The rails are treated with the innovative nitriding process to make them corrosion resistant.

ASN Series Telescopic

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ASN28 and ASN43 Series
Telescopic Linear Guides

  (previously known as SR28 and SR43 Series)
  • Ball Based Design, 4 Point Contact
  • Rail Hole Spacing every 80 mm (3.15 inches)
  • Universal Mounting (i.e., left or right side)
  • Semi Telescoping Assembly (i.e., 50%)
  • Typically used in pairs (one on each side)
  • Additional Corrosion Resistance " -Y " Suffix
SR Series Telescopic

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