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Turntable Bearings 

Rotary Turntable Bearings - Compact Quick Mount  

Turntable bearings (sometimes referred to as slewing ring bearings) are 4 point contact thin section type ball bearings.  Preload can be reduced for low torque or increased for high rigidity requirements.  For low turning torque we will assembly each bearing with special low friction PTFE seals.

Cost Savings  - Bolt holes in the inner and outer rings eliminate the need for precision machined shoulders and bores by mounting directly to flat machined surfaces. 

Materials - High quaility bearing steel is used unless otherwise requested.  For corrosion resistance requirements we will offer speical plating or will use stainless steel materials.

Configurations - Our online catalog lists three configurations: 

        1. Non-geared
        2. Internal Geared
        3. External Geared

Applications - Typical applications include:

        • Scanning Systems
        • Optical Focusing Systems
        • Radar pedestals
        • Light Robotics
        • Inspection tables

Call one of our engineers to assist you with your application.

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The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions! The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!