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Product Catalogs

Below are product catalogs that you may wish to download for your reference.



 TPA Overview    



 TPA New Systems Capability Brochure  (pdf - 718Kb)

 Linear guides    


 CPC Miniature Linear Guide Catalog  (pdf - 5.9Mb)
 CPC Linear Guides ARC HRC ERC Catalog  (pdf - 1.5Mb)
 CPC Accuracy and Preload  (pdf - 121Kb)
 CPC ARC HRC Lubrication Kit  (pdf - 177Kb)
 CPC Order Code for Miniature Guides  (pdf - 112Kb)
 CPC Order Code for ARC HRC ERC Guides  (pdf - 112Kb)


 Rosa Roller Bearings MG Monoguide Series  (pdf - 5.0Mb)
 Rosa Order Codes for MG Guides  (pdf - 817Kb)

 Telescopic Slides  

 T-Race Linear Rail Full Product Catalog  (pdf - 4.1Mb)
 T-Race Telescopic Guide Product Range  pdf - 1.3Mb)
 T-Race MR Cam Roller Series  (pdf - 1.0Mb)
 T-Race LAN Cam Roller "New Product" Series  (pdf - 1.3Mb)
 T-Race LA Cam Roller Series  (pdf - 279Kb)
 T-Race FXR Cam Roller series  (pdf - 561Kb)
 T-Race SR Telescopic Slide Series  (pdf - 213Kb)
 T-Race TLS Telescopic Slide Series  (pdf - 228Kb)
 T-Race TSQ Telescopic Slide Series  pdf - 333Kb)
 T-Race TLR Telescopic Slide Series  pdf - 312Kb)
 T-Race TLQ Telescopic Slide Series  (pdf - 333Kb)
 T-Race TLQ Installation Guide  (pdf - 249Kb)
  T-Race TLR Installation Guide  (pdf - 300Kb)
 T-Race TLS Installation Guide  (pdf - 277Kb)
 T-Race TSQ Installation Guide  (pdf - 182Kb)

Ball Screws  

 KSS  "New" Master Catalog v10-2  (ZIP - 15Mb)
 KSS Master Catalog v10-1  (pdf - 21Mb)
 KSS Product Brochure  (pdf - 378Kb)
 KSS Quick Ship Preconfigured Ball Scews  (pdf - 8.7Mb)
 KSS Ball Screw Diameter vs Lead CoMbinations  (pdf -226Kb)
 KSS Custom Ball Screw Products (pdf - 2.9B)
 KSS Leadscrew Products  (pdf - 592Kb)
 KSS Leadscrew Plastic Nuts  (pdf - 560Kb)
 KSS Flex Actuator Products  (pdf - 1.9Mb)
 KSS Mobo Actuator Products  (pdf - 2.2Mb)
 KSS Technical Information  (pdf - 1.9Kb)
 KSS Lubrication Products  (pdf - 1.5Mb)
 KSS Stainless Steel Rolled Ball Screws  (pdf - 245Kb)

Linear Motors


 CPC LM Series Catalog  (pdf - 4.7Mb)


 PBA Iron Core Linear Motor PIXA Series Catalog  (pdf - 791Kb)
 PBA Ironless Core Linear Motor DX Series Catalog  (pdf - 922Kb)
 PBA Round Shaft Linear Motor PSME Series Catalog  (pdf - 591Kb)
 PBA Voice Coil CVC Catalog  (pdf - 1.1Mb)


Precision Slides
Precision Stages
Crossed Roller Bearings


 PM General Product Overview  (pdf - 587Kb)
 PM Crossed Roller Bearing Products  (pdf - 1.1Mb)
 PM Precision Slide Products  (pdf - 832Kb)
 PM Linear Guide Products  (pdf - 1.1Mb)
 PM Positioning Table and Stage Products  (pdf - 1.2Mb)
 PM Anti-Cage Creep Rail Set Products  (pdf - 447Kb)
 PM Ceramic Crossed Roller Rail Set Products  (pdf - 2Mb)
 PM Ringslide RPM and RPMT Products  (pdf - 2.4Mb)
 PM Modular Square Stage MSS Products  (pdf - 2.3Mb)
 PM Composite Ultralight Slide Product  (pdf - 2Mb)
 PM XY Wafer Stage Product  (pdf - 2.2Mb)

Linear Actuators  

 TPA Minibot Actuator Catalog  (pdf - 1.6Mb)
 TPA Minibot MB11 Tech Sheet  (pdf - 566Kb)
 TPA Minibot MB17 Tech Sheet  (pdf - 633Kb)
 TPA Belt Drive Actuator Catalog  (pdf - 2.2Mb)


 KSS Direct Drive Actuator Size 28  (pdf - 723Kb)
  KSS Direct Drive Actuator Size 42  (pdf - 2.5Mb)
 KSS Direct Drive Actuator AR/CL Type  (pdf - 1.8Mb)

Rotary Bearings

 PM Flat Mount Bearing Tech Data   (pdf - 723Kb)

Shaft Couplings  

 Reliance Precision Couplings Catalog  (pdf - 924Kb)

Precision Gears  

 Reliance Precision Gears Catalog  (pdf - 3.2Mb)
 Reliance Racks and Pinions Catalog  (pdf - 925Kb)
 Reliance Belts and Pulleys Catalog  (pdf - 1.6Mb)
 Reliance Gear Technical Data  (pdf - 450Kb)


The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions! The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!