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Linear Drives

TPA manufactures two types of linear drive systems for  linear motion: ball screws, and linear motors.   Each type of linear drive provides accurate, precision motion in both  directions along a fixed length, and our linear drives are also designed for  low-friction, smooth operation.  Types of  industries and applications that these linear drives are typically used in  include semiconductor, metrology, laser, and high speed assembly applications.

Our ball screw linear drives are available with precision  ground or precision rolled construction, either in stock or custom diameters,  lengths, and materials.  We also offer a  number of ball screw linear drive accessories, like lock nuts and end  supports.  For our linear drive motors,  we offer a variety of coil lengths, magnet track lengths, and cross section sizes  to meet any requirement you may have.  We  also offer linear voice coil motors and actuators.  Please follow the links below for full  specifications and information on all of our linear drives.

Ball Screws

Ball Screws

Minimize Energy Consumption with High efficiency (90%) Rolled or Ground Ball screw assemblies.

  • Miniature Precision Ground or Precision Rolled Screws
  • Smooth Accurate Driving Motion
  • Cylinder or flange nut styles available
  • World's Smallest Ball Screw (1.8 mm diameter)







The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions! The Precision Alliance | More than components... Solutions!